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Happy Thanksgiving...and .......... [25 Nov 2004|12:59pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Happy Thanksgiving! I am going to go play DDR at the Santa Monica pier. So if anyone lives around there...I'll see you there? here is a pic of me...maybe you'll notice me.

I hate this picture</a>

<3 Kota

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introducing myself [01 Oct 2004|06:52am]

[ mood | it's 6:56 am... ]

Name: Jessica aka Kota
Age: 14, almost 15
Birthday: October 17, 1989
Favorite song: Rhythm & Sound
Where I go to play DDR: Santa Monica Pier...for 13-15 hours every saturday............and i'm barely on standard...
How long i've been playing: about 5-7 months.

I would show you guys a pic...but I hate pics, and I'll probably get one when i'm actually playing ddr...alright, buh-bye...

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[01 Sep 2004|04:38pm]
Yay. This is hangedcurse661. =]

So be nice, sense, I am your MOD. But, we still need more embers to get this community active.
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[18 Aug 2004|11:39pm]

Location: California
How long you've been playing: About 2 years
What's your level?: Heavy ( I also play standard if I get really tired)
Favorite Mix: I love Max 2 (home version), Extreme (arcade version), and Ultramix
Favorite Song: I love "A" and "V for extreme"

I hope this community works out...
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[05 Aug 2004|08:16pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Wow this community must really suck, lol. No one has joined except for..wait for it...wait for it..me. Yeah, so I need to promote.

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